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The report aims at giving viable recommendations on the practical application of other skills in the management of the Volkswagen group. This is aimed at raising the levels of competitiveness of the firm while at the same time bettering its efficiency through a better management and satisfied employees.

Other additional sources used include scientific databases.

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Volkswagen has for many years been a top leader in the motor industry with a starring performance for a long time. However, in relation to the recent emission scandal, a number of weaknesses in its leadership and operational structure has emerged. The key components in this light are a lack of diversity I the firm as well as a management team that displays weak leadership characteristics. The report focuses on analysis of how the Volkswagen group can change the above aspects and make the firm several benefits.

Based on practical examples, the report in the first section analyzes diversity and implementation mechanisms as well as recommends a cure for the crisis. Mainly, the diversity, in this case, leans towards gender diversity as a result of a limitation of date in the public domain. The availed solutions are general however and could be applied across the entire diversity platform.

The conclusion looks at possible future operations that the company could engage in.

2. Leadership Theories

In relation to Volkswagen data, Volkswagen AG, a , the proportion of female employees at the firm falls as one goes up the cooperate ladder. The researcher relates this to glass ceiling that is known to hinder a gender from rising up the cooperate ladder.

According to Kumra and Manfredi, , this situation could reflect the amount of challenges faced by females in organisations. Kumra and Manfredi, notes that diversity is not only a social justice element in the business environment but a source of competitive advantage both at firm level as well as the industry level. In the recent millennium years, the business world and the workplace have embraced a blending of both genders at work which has made it important for employers to give support to the female gender which was previously seen as weaker gender.

EC, finds a positive correlation between women in leadership and performance of businesses.

It is also important to note that diversified groups are more efficient in the search for solutions as a result different perspective at issues Kumra and Manfredi, It is also argued that a wider diversity bears organisational positive flexibility thus higher productivity. Groupthink is a general team tendency that goes towards conformity and that has been proven to result in higher risk-taking levels as well as low levels of innovation Brooks, Kumra and Manfredi, Diversification could be implemented through the measure of key performance indicators KPIs of a certain element.

In this case accommodation of female responsibilities such as mothering could be implemented by, for instance, coming up with mothering centres at the organisation among other accommodative programs. They have initiated child care facilities across their firm as well as female monitor programs headed by female managers Volkswagen AG, Though the firm is on track to achieving full diversity, the current figures are still low. I would surely recommend your services to all my friends.

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Transformational Leadership Literature Review Essay | Bartleby

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