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By understanding the process of stem cell development, it could be possible to change the embryonic development process. Chromosomal concerns, birth defects, and other errors in development could be corrected before birth, giving more newborns a real chance to experience the gift of life. At the same time, the risks of pregnancy loss and health risks to new mothers could be decreased. We have no idea about long-term side effect issues. According to the Canadian Cancer Society, there are several common short-term side effects that are associated with stem cell therapies.

They may include infection, bleeding, skin or hair problems, unexplained pain, organ problems, or even the development of a secondary cancer. Every medical treatment provides some risk of a side effect, but this medical technology is so new that we have no idea what the long-term health effects might be. It provides a health risk to everyone involved. Collecting stem cells from an adult carries a medical risk with it. Something could go wrong during the collection process that may reduce the quality of life for the patient.

Their life could even be placed at-risk. For embryonic collection, the destruction of the blastocytes that are formed during egg fertilization is required. Adult stem cells offer limited potential. Our current stem cell research findings indicate that adult stem cells that have already transitioned into specific tissues or formats because of their body location will stay that way. That means stem cells taken from muscle tissue would only be able to create additional muscle tissues.

Even if they are induced to be pluripotent, the end result tends to be duplication instead of identification because they have a determined type. It is still an unproven medical technology. There is a lot of hope for stem cell treatments.

Because some forms of stem cell research are classified as illegal or immoral in the United States, however, progress to improve treatments or prove the effectiveness of this medical technology are not as advanced as their potential. Stem cell therapies are far from affordable. Some treatment options are six figures. Even the cost of harvesting stem cells from an embryo is a couple thousand dollars. For example, all of the transplants took place while the individuals were undergoing heart bypass surgery, so it is possible that the improvement in heart function was due to the bypass rather than the stem cell treatment.

To investigate further, the researchers plan to do another study. This study will include a control group of people with heart failure who undergo bypass surgery but who do not receive the stem cell treatment. Another investigation, published in Nature Communications in , has suggested that stem cell therapies could be the basis of personalized diabetes treatment. In mice and laboratory-grown cultures, researchers successfully produced insulin-secreting cells from stem cells derived from the skin of people with type 1 diabetes.

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Jeffrey R. Millman, assistant professor of medicine and biomedical engineering at Washington University School of Medicine and first author, says :. Millman hopes that these stem cell-derived beta cells could be ready for research in humans within 3 to 5 years. The type of stem cells that scientists commonly use for this purpose are called induced pluripotent stem cells. These are cells that have already undergone differentiation, but which scientists have genetically "reprogrammed" using viruses, so they can divide and become any cell.

In this way, they act like undifferentiated stem cells. Scientists can grow differentiated cells from these pluripotent stem cells to resemble, for instance, cancer cells.

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Creating these cells means that scientists can use them to test anti-cancer drugs. Researchers are already making a wide variety of cancer cells using this method. However, because they cannot yet create cells that mimic cancer cells in a controlled way, it is not always possible to replicate the results precisely. They offer stem cell-based therapies for disorders ranging from sports injuries to cancer.

Very few stem cell treatments have even reached the earliest phase of a clinical trial. Scientists are carrying out most of the current research in mice or a petri dish. Despite this, the U. Food and Drug Administration FDA allow clinics to inject people with their own stem cells, as long as the cells are intended to perform only their normal function, according to Cell Stem Cell.

Scientists can harvest stem cells in different ways.


Stem Cell Essay | Bartleby

Embryonic stem cells come from an embryo that is just a few days old. Scientists can extract adult stem cells from different types of tissue, including the brain, bone marrow , blood vessels, skeletal muscle, skin, teeth, the gut, the liver, among others. Amniotic fluid contains stem cells. Many women opt for an amniocentesis test that checks for congenital disabilities before the child is born. If the doctor keeps the fluid, they could use it in the future to treat other conditions either during gestation or after birth.

Induced pluripotent stem cells iPS cells are cells that scientists can reprogram to act as stem cells, for use in regenerative medicine. After collecting the stem cells, scientists usually store them in liquid nitrogen for future use. This is because when the therapeutic use of stem cells first came to the public's attention in the late s, scientists were deriving human stem cells from embryos. Many people disagree with using human embryonic cells for medical research because extracting the stem means destroying the embryo.

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This creates complex issues , as people have different beliefs about what constitutes the start of human life. For some people, life starts when a baby is born, or when an embryo develops into a fetus. Others believe that human life begins at conception, so an embryo has the same moral status and rights as a human adult or child. President George W. Bush had strong, pro-life religious views, and he banned funding for human stem cell research in However, President Obama's administration allowed for a partial rolling back of these research restrictions.

However, by , scientists had already started using pluripotent stem cells. Scientists do not derive these stem cells from embryonic stem cells. As a result, this technique does not have the same ethical concerns. With this and other recent advances in stem cell technology, attitudes toward stem cell research are slowly beginning to change. Stem cell research is helping scientists to understand how an organism develops from a single cell, and how healthy cells come to replace defective cells in people and animals.

Many severe medical conditions that occur in humans, such as cancer and congenital disabilities, happen because cells divide abnormally. A better understanding of stem cells can provide insight into how these diseases arise and possible treatment options. In June , two researchers took second prize in the materials category of the United Kingdom's Royal Society of Chemistry's emerging technology competition for creating a synthetic biomaterial that stimulates stem cells native to a person's own teeth. The researchers believe that this material will replace fillings, as the stem cells would prompt the damaged teeth to heal themselves.

Although much more research is necessary before stem cell therapies can become part of regular medical practice, the science around stem cells is developing all the time. In almost every therapy area, doctors hope that stem cell technology will revolutionize therapeutic norms and introduce at least a new standard of personalized treatment, and maybe even self-healing bodies.

Find out more here about stem cells, where they come from, and their possible uses. Article last updated by Yvette Brazier on Mon 18 February A stem cell is basically like a blank canvas. They are cells that can continue to replicate themselves and depending on the type of cell they can be coded to replicate a specific type of cell i. There are two primary stem cells that are used for research Such ability would be possible as a result of stem cell research allowing the scientists to intervene and prevent or cure a disease at a cellular level.

A stem cell is a primitive cell that can replicate making identical copies of itself indefinitely. These cells can create specialized cells for various body tissues such as: brain tissue, heart muscle, liver tissue and many more I will discuss the historical background along with the scientific background on how embryos are gathered respectively. I will then go on to state two sides of a growing debate on whether or not we have the right to culture unborn fetuses in order advance scientific research and whether or not we have the right to use these embryos to increase the productivity of our lives when we are faced with life threatening circumstances A vast majority of states are pro ESC research, but there are a few that continue to be against the study and have actually banned and sort of stem cell research.

However, there are still debates concerning the executive policies funding this study. With regards to the 14th Amendment, the Supreme Court ruled that a fetus is not human, but there has not been a ruling on the position of an embryo removed from gestation Lomax Families can do nothing but sit and wait for the news that a donor is available for their loved one. However, a controversial solution to this issue has been around for awhile-stem cells. There seems to be a negative stigma around these amazing cells, but recent innovations in the science can change that.


Scientists are learning that stem cells can be used for more and more life saving medicines Since the development in stem cell research, scientists in Japan are now testing iPS for the medical potential in treating diseases. Scientists are as well finding new ways to treat lung disease in the form of therapy through the use of stem cells. Those are just a few examples of how common embryonic and iPS cell research is growing, due to stem cell research Many view the issues of stem cell therapy and stem cell research as crimes against humanity and morally wrong, while others may feel the study of stem cells could be the next step in modern science.

While the latter outlook comes from the progress made in treating or preventing many conditions or diseases using stem cells, the former on the other hand, originates from the idea that stem cell research is unethical since it often requires the destruction of embryos during their early stages of development No more than 30 years ago, stem cell research took the idea of medical treatments to a completely different level. There are three types of stem cells that can be extracted; adult, embryonic, and induced pluripotent. The embryonic and induced cells have the potential for ethical debate because they have the chance to become human life What better way can parents do that then to try and put an end to chronic and life threatening diseases.

This can happen if stem cell research continues to expand and becomes better funded. The benefits range from re-growing body parts to curing genetic disorders. Stem cell research has been a controversial topic from the start. Many people say it is wrong based on the facts that it can use embryonic stem cells Strong Essays words 5.

Stem Cell Research Persuasive Essay

The most amazing things about the body is that all of the specific cells that make up the body come from stem cells. These cells have the ability to change into different cells and are of interest of many scientist today.

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These interest though, come with very heavy controversy that many feel should stop any genetic testing of stem cells because of where the most useful stem cells come from Strong Essays words 5 pages Preview. I 'm looking to obtain a green card without a no objection letter and I really need an attorney who can help me with the situation.