Deloitte india interview case study

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  1. Prepare for Your Deloitte Case Study and Interview
  2. Deloitte india interview case study
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As with any interview, the general questions are a way for the interviewer to find out more about you and understand whether you are a good fit for the company. If you can demonstrate that your values are similar to the values of Deloitte, this will be a mark in your favour.

Prepare for Your Deloitte Case Study and Interview

Below are some example questions you may be asked during the Deloitte interview process, with some tips to help you answer each one:. You could mention its market-leading position or the quality of its graduate scheme, for example. This is always a difficult question to answer. We recommend picking your weakness carefully and avoiding anything that goes against a Deloitte value, as this will be a warning sign for the interviewer.

When you describe your greatest weakness, show the interviewer how you are trying to overcome it. This is another hard question and particularly difficult to answer concisely.

Deloitte india interview case study

While the Deloitte graduate scheme does give you plenty of experience, opportunities to learn and financial benefits, the organisation expects something in return. Being able to articulate why you will be a good asset to Deloitte is important. What can you give to the role that no-one else can?

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During the online assessment and job simulation for the Deloitte graduate scheme, you will be required to answer situational judgement questions. These focus on your ability to make effective decisions in specific work-based contexts that you are likely to encounter if you end up working for Deloitte. You should answer these questions honestly, as you will be expected to behave similarly if you do get the job. The Deloitte interview process is unique in that the job simulation is immersive ; you will be using a piece of online software that replicates some of the technology and situations you may experience working at Deloitte.

The situational judgement tasks that Deloitte includes in its graduate scheme application can include:. What do you do? For example, while Deloitte prides itself on good client relationships, it also values expertise, integrity and leadership. Therefore, in this example, the most effective answer would be D , as it demonstrates your integrity and collaboration without losing focus on the client.

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Competency questions are an important part of any interview process and the Deloitte interview process is no exception. Competency questions appear during several stages of the Deloitte process, particularly the final one-on-one interview. Deloitte lists the key competencies it is looking for in its employees online.

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67 Big 4 Firm Interview Questions [And How To Answer Them All]

Keep these competencies in mind when completing each stage of the graduate scheme application process, and when preparing for your face-to-face interview. Coding part is not judging criteria as students who had their both codes running efficiently were rejected in written itself. Each Section has cutoff. Trigger, Cursor ,Procedures and Functions Intended for study. But try to go Prepared.

How to Approach a Big 4 Interview

Coding Round: Two Questions for coding. Suggestion would be to write code for both and hope for the best. Even I had both codes non running but logic was Correct. Must attend and ask as many questions as many you can. It can help you in Interview and GD as they prefer dynamic people rather than shy and dumb people. What are the different layers in Open System Interconnection network layer model?

Deloitte case interview prep: the only post you'll need to read

What are the protocols associated with each layer? What is your favourite subject? What do you like about it the most? Talent and Organization Industries When it comes to industries, Accenture covers the gamut. Accenture Office Locations Accenture has local offices in over countries across the globe.